Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Hunger Games

I'm think New Zealand and I don't agree. Or rather, New Zealand and my wallet don't agree. Ever since I've been here my money keeps vanishing! I'd have notes morphing into coins in the matter of seconds. What kind of evil/demented/twisted trick is this?

Of course, the real culprit could be my self-discipline-- but I'm never going to own up to that. It's never my fault, but you bet I'll keep my wallet under lock and key from now on. I'm not allowed to spend any more NZD.

On another note, one of the things I did spend on was books (does this surprise anyone?). I bought THE HUNGER GAMES, because it came highly recommended by a soon-to-be-published community of writers and was rated highly on Amazon (yes, I'm a sucker for ratings). I broke into the book at 1 a.m. and stayed up all the way till 5, finishing the entire book. The last time I had such an Unputdownable Book must've been near a decade ago (it was Harry Potter 3, and I remember reading by torchlight because we, the kids, were supposed to be in bed, rested and ready for more exploring/touristing of the fabulously romantic town of Firenze). So let me jump on THE HUNGER GAMES groupie bandwagon and just scream out: THE HUNGER GAMES IS AAAAAAWWWEEESOOOOOMEEEE! WOOHOOOOOO!

Because it is. I realise it is YA (Young Adult), and it may not be as 'deep' for those of you more sophisticated people, but it truly is an amazing concept executed in almost flawlessly gripping storytelling.

If I could have just one birthday wish this year, it would be to have just a gallon, nay, a quart, of Suzanne Collins' writing talent. Did I just jinx my wish? Darnittt!

Seriously though, if I could just package her capacity to capture readers' attention and successfully immerse them into the world I created, I would do it in pills, and take it once daily for the rest of my life. Also, I wouldn't share it with the rest of the world, coz I'm kiasu like that. Ha!

I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms from THG. I want to dive back into Katniss' world (Panem) and find out more about them. I miss Katniss' narrative voice, her thoughts and everybody she loved/befriended. Unfortunately, I will have to wait till September the 1st for the second book to come out. Aiahsighaishgiahsh!

So maybe I'll break into another book.


ah^kam_koko' said...

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