Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Hunger Games

I'm think New Zealand and I don't agree. Or rather, New Zealand and my wallet don't agree. Ever since I've been here my money keeps vanishing! I'd have notes morphing into coins in the matter of seconds. What kind of evil/demented/twisted trick is this?

Of course, the real culprit could be my self-discipline-- but I'm never going to own up to that. It's never my fault, but you bet I'll keep my wallet under lock and key from now on. I'm not allowed to spend any more NZD.

On another note, one of the things I did spend on was books (does this surprise anyone?). I bought THE HUNGER GAMES, because it came highly recommended by a soon-to-be-published community of writers and was rated highly on Amazon (yes, I'm a sucker for ratings). I broke into the book at 1 a.m. and stayed up all the way till 5, finishing the entire book. The last time I had such an Unputdownable Book must've been near a decade ago (it was Harry Potter 3, and I remember reading by torchlight because we, the kids, were supposed to be in bed, rested and ready for more exploring/touristing of the fabulously romantic town of Firenze). So let me jump on THE HUNGER GAMES groupie bandwagon and just scream out: THE HUNGER GAMES IS AAAAAAWWWEEESOOOOOMEEEE! WOOHOOOOOO!

Because it is. I realise it is YA (Young Adult), and it may not be as 'deep' for those of you more sophisticated people, but it truly is an amazing concept executed in almost flawlessly gripping storytelling.

If I could have just one birthday wish this year, it would be to have just a gallon, nay, a quart, of Suzanne Collins' writing talent. Did I just jinx my wish? Darnittt!

Seriously though, if I could just package her capacity to capture readers' attention and successfully immerse them into the world I created, I would do it in pills, and take it once daily for the rest of my life. Also, I wouldn't share it with the rest of the world, coz I'm kiasu like that. Ha!

I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms from THG. I want to dive back into Katniss' world (Panem) and find out more about them. I miss Katniss' narrative voice, her thoughts and everybody she loved/befriended. Unfortunately, I will have to wait till September the 1st for the second book to come out. Aiahsighaishgiahsh!

So maybe I'll break into another book.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The 2-4 (and the Hair-scapade)

So it was my birthday yesterday. 24. Sounds...old. And boring. 24. Other than reminding me of multiplications (2 x 12 and 8 x 3 are cool ones) and the number of hours in a day, 24 is a pretty boring number. It sounds so somber Meanwhile, I think 25 is an awesome number! I imagine huuuuge blowouts and balloons and confetti! Jubileeee!

I've been pretty much a dork on my 24th. The day of the 22nd I had a FULL day, so I retired early that night, but not without a few rounds of ice-cream (bought by my random backpacker flatmate-- thanks Holly!). On the 23rd of April, D-Day (...I turned 24), I went with a friend of mine to the factory outlet "mall"-- 1) because I needed shoes, and 2) because I felt like I needed to spend on my birthday. I walked away with shoes (they had one my size!! I was soooo stoked!) and the awesomest dress I've ever beheld! After a whole day of walking, I was ready to retire early again, only I went into super-dork mode and decided to do some writing on my birthday. Eheh. Not my fault Lady Muse attacked me with Plot Bunnies on my Birthday.

So no, I didn't have a big birthday bash. And no, I didn't get super wasted or get buried under a pile of presents-- but I still think this has been one of my fondest birthdays, only because I shared it with some of my closest, most genuine buddies, and was allowed to be the Superdork that I am on my birthday (week). *grin*

On another note, I got a haircut today. Let me just preface this by saying: 1) I don't have anything against Asians (I am one myself), and 2) I don't have anything against Asian Hair. But just because you're Asian (i.e. Chinese/Korean) doesn't mean you have to make EVERYONE ELSE's hair look like the rest of the Chinese/Korean hairstyle, especially when I DON'T have the typical poker-straight shiny Asian locks, and also when I specifically showed you pictures of Kate Moss and Brigitte Bardot's hair as reference.

Let me just say it didn't turn out like how I wanted it. This should teach me to go against my instincts (which was to pop into the hair salon I loved) and follow other people's recommendations. The last hair-raising experience I had when someone recommended my a place was that I ended up feeling like my hair was getting burned off my scalp (I had a reaction to the dye). This time around, I end up with a hairdo which is a cross between the hairstyle I had when I was 5 (I know I have that picture somewhere) and the retard-bangs I sported in the first year of uni (who remembers this???). In short, I hate it. I HATE IT!!!! FML.

My haircut looks something like this-- only less cute. The fringe is shorter.

I'm just hoping in these 2 weeks leading up to my graduation my hair will have lengthened sufficiently for me to go fix it at MY salon, in time for my graduation ceremony on the evening of the 6th of May (so I won't be stuck with stupid hair on the day I'll be conferred my degree). If they can't fix it permanently, I want them to make it look temporarily elegant. Sigh. Why do I get myself into these silly predicaments?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weapons of Mass Consumption

If people are products of their environment, then surely all of us are somewhat influenced by our consumerist culture.

So here's a link that might make you think twice about buying those new pair of shoes, or that shiny new laptop. Watch it! It's cute, informational (even if a little preachy), and ultimately, optimistic! Watch The Story of Stuff.

There is some truth to what this Annie's saying. I do think people are less happy today. After all, keeping up with them Joneses is kinda stressful. If I'm honest, the only path to my happiness is to have accomplished my goals and be worry-free. But you know...when you can't accomplish your goals, you sometimes look elsewhere for a temporary high. Shopping is that fix for me. No more. No more.

(Classics don't count right? Or vintage? It's RECYCLING!)

p/s: Brownie points for those who can identify where I paraphrased my title from!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Because I Love the Alphabet

Or perhaps because I am a sadist...Muahahaha! It's more likely though, that I am a masochist-- I've been working pretty much non-stop for 12 hours. Darn fever isn't helping. Also, my mum just fed me some very dubious beef. If I get a stomach ache because of that, I'm gonna be hella pissed! But enough of that. Here's how I'm distracting myself...(Read on if you, too, love the torture of going through a wall of words. Wooooordsssss!)

- Available: No

- Age: Almost 24. Darnit!

- Annoyance: Oh soooo many! Main pet peeve(s): people who love to argue in order to appear more intelligent, ignorant people who don't seek to be enlightened

- Allergies: shellfish, fur...

- Animal: Yes! Rowrrr! Oh. Favourite animal? I love so many tho! Ok, let's see, cats, horses (shetland ponies and arabians, yum!), snow leopards, panthers, tigers, dolphins, the Resplendent Quetzal

- Actor: Is this a unisex word now? I'm always so out of it. Female: Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn. Male: Daniel Craig, Heath Ledger, Jude Law, Clive Owen

- Beer: Nope.

- Birthday/Birthplace: 23rd April 1985, K.L

- Best Friends: My beta and future bonkbuddy. Yup. I said it.

- Body Part on opposite sex: Abs! Strong jawline! That V-shaped swimmer body! And maybe...muscular calves?

- Best feeling in the world: Feeling accomplished

- Blind or Deaf: Selective hearing

- Best weather: Tropical countries - torrential downpour (if you're inside the house); Seasonal climates - late spring/early summer

- Been in Love: Ya-hah

- Been bitched out?: Yep.

- Been on stage?: Yep.

- Believe in yourself?: HELLS YEAH!

- Believe in life on other planets: Yes. No. Maybe? Yes! I don't know...

- Believe in miracles: Would love to

- Believe in Magic: I want to

- Believe in God: Yes

- Believe in Satan: Yep

- Believe in Santa: No. Darn Santa never gave me presents anyway. *pouts*

- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Yeah. Especially horny djinns impregnating female humans while they're sleeping. Creeepy...

- Believe in Evolution: They make a pretty compelling argument.

- Car: I'd have to say...Mini Cooper S.

- Candy: No! Chocolateeee!

- Colour: I love all colours! Current fave: Yellow!

- Cried in school: Yeah...

- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate of course!!

- Chinese/Mexican: Oh darn...I'd say Mexican, only coz I haven't had any in a while

- Cake or pie: Cake. Cake! Mmm...Did someone say BIRTHDAY???

- Countries to visit: Soooo maaaany! Current wanderlusts: Japan (Kyoto, Tokyo, some idyllic villages), India (Rajasthan), Italy, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Holland, US (New York!!!)

- Day or Night: Used to be nocturnal, but nowadays, I'm loving the sunlight :)

- Dream vehicle: Oooh oooh! The personal plane with foldable wings, or the Air Jelly (which they should TOTALLY make into cabs!)

- Danced: HELLS YEA!! Imma put my ballet shoes on when I arrive in NZ!

- Dance in the rain?: Lol, yea. But not as good as this guy!

- Dance in the middle of the street?: Danced, played, laid...childhood. Good times.

- Do the splits?: Yeah...not anymore tho...will work on it.

- Eggs: Yum! Scrambled, omelettes and bulls-eye

- Eyes: Dark brown

- Everyone has: a talent?

- Ever failed a class?: Never

- First crush: Hmmm...Prince Philip in Sleeping Beauty. He STILL makes my knees wobbly!

- Full name: Aiiihhh...Wan Noor Diyana Bt. Wan Mohammad Alam. Yeah. I have to write THAT in exams.

- First thoughts waking up: 5 more minutes...just....5 more..minutes...zzzzzzz

- Food: You can't ask this to Malaysians. Seriously. I HEART ALL.

- Greatest Fear: Failure

- Giver or taker: Taker...working on the giving. Really, I am.

- Goals: I'd rather keep this private. For now.

- Gum: Bubba Yum! Wait, was that what it's called?

- Get along with your parents?: Sure! Most days :D

- Good luck charms: None.

- Hair Colour: Dark brown/Black?

- Height: grrr...this question is height-ist.

- Happy: Delighted! Jubilant! Oh, this isn't 'find-the-synonyms'?

- Holidays: HAAARI RAAAAAYAAAAAA!!!! *sings Raya tunes*

- How do you want to die: Swiftly. Painlessly. Happily. Accomplished.

- Health freak?: Unfortunately, no...I'm trying to be more healthy tho! Promise!

- Hate: Physical, emotional or mental abuse. Human cruelty confounds me.

(In guys if you're a girl/In girls if you're a guy)
- Eye colour: Green...mmm...

- Hair Colour: Doesn't really matter. I have yet to see a guy who can pull off red hair tho.

- Height: Since I'm short, I'd prefer men to be *much* taller than me, but hey, life isn't a plan.

- Clothing Style: Stylishly disheveled or classically clean-cut

- Characteristics: Witty, intelligent, companionable, compassionate, reliable

- Ice Cream: Is this still about guys?? Em...I'm gonna say choc mint or...hokey pokey. Wait. I forgot that very Kiwi flavour. Hokey cokey? Darnit.

- Instrument: still not about guys right? Piano. Some guitar. Would love to try the violin.

- Jewelry: classic or statement pieces...oooh...*has magpie complex*

- Kids: Two? Three?

- Kickboxing or karate: I think my guy would like me to say karate...

- Keep a journal?: Nope. Tried (as in attempted, and failed).

- Longest Car Ride: 11 hours?

- Love: People in my social network :)

- Letter: I <3>M
- Milk flavour: Fresh milk. And chocolate.

- Movie: Oh nooo...soooo maaaany!!! Eternal Sunshine, Gattaca, Memento, Marie Antoinette, Juno, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, etc etc...

- Mooned anyone?: No. My life is incomplete.

- Marriage: December. And June ('10).

- Motion sickness?: Fortunately, not yet. Hopefully not ever.

- McD's or BK: BK

- Number of Siblings: 2

- Number of Piercings: 2

- Number: 1, 3, 9, 23

- Overused Phrases: Omg, lol, hi, dunno

- One wish: To be published. To finish a novel and have it not suck. Oh wait, is that two? Oops..

- One phobia: Roach-phobia *heebeejeebies*

- Place you'd like to live: So many! Italy, France or Spain...or a Greek island...

- Pepsi/Coke: Neither.

- Quail: Bird

- Questionnaires: Question

- Reason to cry: It's too much to hold inside

- Reality T.V.: Guilty pleasure, esp. those game shows (Project Runway, Stylista, ANTM). Oh. And The Hills. Yea yea, I like it ok!

- Radio Station: Not really a radio person.

- Roll your tongue in a circle?: Had to practise it, but yes!

- Song: Too many! And it changes depending on mood/occasion

- Sushi: OMG, yummmm

- Skipped school: Fo sho (even got warning letter! I feel so...wild!)

- Slept outside: Camping counts?

- Seen a dead body?: Yes. Funerals. News.

- Smoked?: Once. To try.

- Skinny dipped?: Not yet...

- Shower daily?: Definitely.

- Sing well?: Probably not, but do I caaaaare?

- In the shower?: Sleep. Sing. Dance.

- Swear?: Only when I'm fucking pissed off.

- Stuffed Animals?: Nope. Does a stuffed rugby ball pillow count?

- Single/Group dates: Group dates are weird...aren't they? I'd rather PDA in front of friends. Hahaha!

- Strawberries/Blueberries: Oooh..never had fresh blueberries, so I'll say strawberries. Favourites are black cherries tho. Mmmm..

- Scientists need to invent: Ok. Scientists. You listing this down? 1) Time machine, 2) Wormhole pathway thingamabob, 3) Rayguns, 4) Cyborgs (that won't kill us), 5) the Fountain of Youth, 6) Faster-than-Light travel, 7)...

- Time for bed: when I have work: 11-12; when not working 3-4 am

- Thunderstorms: Loooove

- Touch your tongue to your nose?: No...

- Unpredictable: I suppose so...

- Under the influence?: Of Awesomenessss? Or my fever? Then I'd have to say yes. To both!

- Understanding?: Sometimes...

- Vegetable you hate: PEAS!! They're not even veges..they're poop pellets.

- Vegetable you love: Lots! Including, but not limited to, carrots, spinach, pucuk paku, cauliflower, onions, tomatos (it's a vege!! and a fruit!!), chillis...

- Vacation spot: Places on my wanderlust list

- Weakness: Ice Queen-ness

- When you grow up: I hope to be contented and happy (jubilant! ebullient!)

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Em...none really...

- Who makes you laugh the most: My beta

- Worst feeling: Betrayal...being ostracised...failing...

- Wanted to be a model?: there a petite modelling agency somewhere? :P

- Where do we go when we die: I'm not sure. Our body returns to earth. And that's all I'm certain of.

- Worst weather: Rain in winter.

- Walk with a book on your head?: No...

- X-Rays: For medical examinations?

-Year it is now: 2009

-Yellow: Bright and beautiful!

- Zoo animal: Love 'em. Tho the ones here in Malaysia are a little scrawny...poor things...

- Zodiac sign: Chinese - Ox, Western - Taurus (double bulls yeah. No wonder I'm stubborn.)

Wowwww! I finished it! This was a good procrastination technique! Will be doing it again. Till next meme!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

In Which I Scare Myself


Some of you may have notice my recent hiatus in blogging. In the grand scheme of things, the world continues, on-course, same as it ever was (war, poverty, economic downturn, orbiting the sun). But here, I will put my narcissistic mask back on and pretend that the world revolves around me, and that you have missed my blog posts. :P

Here's the DL (down-low, E! Online speak) of what's been goin' on:

1) I have been dumped by a friend. I will expand more on that, if I feel like it, in future posts. In sum, if he/she feels like he/she needs to sever our friendship due to a minor miscommunication + a clash of egos + bad behaviour (on my part, I admit), then he/she probably has harboured some resentment/dissatisfaction with me for quite a while, and this is merely the straw that broke his/her back. In that case, I will say: Adieu, my friend. It was nice knowing you. All the best to you.

And I mean it. I only wish everyone I know, love and cherish every happiness in this world, and if he/she is better off without being my friend, then so be it. I will not partake in dragging any person down.

2) I went to an interview with a big firm/corporation. How did it go? Other than feeling like a squid on a bbq grill, fine I suppose. I did the assessment to the best of my ability, managed to control my nerves enough to fake my way through an otherwise uncomfortable interview. I don't know what exactly made me feel like I was sitting on the devil's throne...maybe their direct (read: no-nonsense) style of questioning, bombarding me with toughies such as "Give me an example when you were a leader", "Give me an example when you failed as a leader", "Have you ever missed a deadline", "What are your weaknesses?", "How would you handle this situation?" and "Explain in your own words what [insert industry] is all about". Phew! After 1.5 hrs of that, I was just ready to put my feet up and sigh the interview away.

Anyway, according to another friend, H, knowing a certain girl in the corporation (hence referred to as 'The Darling', because really, she IS the darling of the firm) should give me huge brownie points. Man, I certainly hope so. I want any points I can get! Plus, if I get in, I get to goad H about getting to see The Darling more often than he does :D

3) I have just calculated that if I want to complete my current ongoing project before I leave for my graduation ceremony, I need to work at the staggering pace of 10 pages per day. 10 pages!! PER DAY! I don't know if I can do that. Not only do I have to research those 10 pages, I'll need to type it up, insert figures, pictures, tables, references, and come up with the Self-Check Questions and Learning Activities!

I will console myself by factoring in some more figures: I have 24 hours in a day, 18 of which I will spend awake (er...). Out of that 18 hours, 15 of those I will spend by BEING PRODUCTIVE (errrrr....) That makes it 1 page per every 1.5 hours! That's...somewhat more manageable. Isn't it? ISN'T IT???

4) I just remembered...I have ANOTHER project. Data entry. D'oh! What am I going to dooooo...

5) Obviously, with all these other deadlines looming over my head, I will have to put The Story on the back burner.

...Who am I kidding? I'll probably end up scribbling away in my little notebook and forget all about those Paid Projects. Goshdarnit.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scenes and Songs (o' Sicknasty Songs!)

As my blog is littered with Youtube videos, I suppose it’s no surprise when I admit I am something of a Youtube fiend. Youtube is my numero uno reference source, alongside the ubiquitous Wikipedia of course. I live on Youtube. I watch Jonathan Ross interviews, sing along to Estonian Lolita-Goths, and even watch some anime online.

Most of the time, I’m listening to music I don’t currently have—or more precisely, music I WANT but don’t have. Either I have yet to buy the CD, or…er…I haven’t bought the songs off iTunes. Just because I italicized it doesn’t mean I’m hinting at something. I just like italics sometimes…*shifty eyes*

I love music. I *heart heartiliciously heart* music. I am not a very religious person, but every time I hear an epic song, it’s like an intensely religious experience. It’s like having your senses heightened and then being elevated onto a higher plane. It’s through scores of notes that I feel closest to The Creator, and thank him for that profound experience. I am not usually a sensitive person—I don’t cry at sad scenes in a movie; I don’t cry even when girlfriends decide to pull a Mean Girl on me; but I can shed bucket loads of tears at the philharmonics orchestra—I even cry watching the Firebird Suite off of Youtube (that end bit always kills me!).

I suppose it’s no accident that 4 out of the 9 Greek muses happen to manipulate songs, and the ‘Chief Muse’, Calliope, is the Muse of Epic Song. How many of us have been inspired by the songs we hear? In my case, I ‘see’ the songs—I imagine scenes painted by the harmony of notes—I see adventures, I see life, I see wars, I see death (and all his friends), I get goosebumps. Imagine if I had synaesthesia! That would be awesome actually.

Thus, is it any surprise that the songs I love most (and inspires me most) are mostly classicals and movie theme songs? So here is an homage to my personal muses! (Prepare for onslaught of Youtube vids)

Arise: E.S. Posthumus: Deciphered [upcoming album]

[Also listen to: Unstoppable, Nara]

Firebird Suite: Igor Stravinsky: Disney's Fantasia 2000

Tell me your heart sang at 7:10!
[Also listen to: The Rite of Spring; Watch The Man conduct]

One of my most influential muses: Muse! (Band's name makes so much sense...)
Stockholm Syndrome: Muse: Absolution

That outro is siiiiick! Seriously, among the Things to do Before You Die: WATCH MUSE LIVE!
[Also listen to: Assassin, Hysteria, Muscle Museum, Newborn, Sunburn, Screenager, Falling Away With You, etc. etc.]

And finally, Sigur Ros!
Njosnavelin: Sigur Ros: The Brackets/Parentheses Album ()

See how everyone's all silent and transfixed? Oh my lord, this has to be one of the most ethereal/dreamy/unreal song in existence! I absolutely love the whole cello bow on guitar thing.
[Also listen to: Gobbledigook, Hoppipolla, Staralfur, etc. etc.]

Whoa. My posts are turning into novellas. Well, hope you peeps were inspired! I'm off to write battle scenes. Wop wop!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Go Fly, Go Fly...

If my posts on labour and deliveries didn't creep you out enough, here's a good dose of freaky that will remedy that.

Enter Kerli (Care-lee) Koiv-- the Lolita-Goth girl from Estonia. Love the song, love her style...I even love the video!


Feel it, and breathe it, believe it, and you'll be walking on air...

Anybody notice how she sounded like Bjork in the bridge?

Also, did she say: go fry?

I was thinking of being all healthy today, Kerli...but if you insist, I will go fry some fish.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ease into Midwifery

It began, as most adventures do, with an unassuming situation. The hospital my aunt was in didn’t allow members of the opposite sex to sleepover with the patient. You’d think since my aunt was tremendously pregnant and starting to have contractions they’d allow the husband to stay over—after all, they’ve already had that special hug. That’s why my aunt was in there in the first place!

But no, the hospital was adamant about their (outdated) policy, so my aunt asked me to accompany her in the hospital instead. I was the best person for this job, as I am, by most accounts, a glorified bum. My mum decided she’d go with me—I think she wasn’t confident that I would be able to handle an emergency situation. I concur.

As usual, I packed enough for a week-long camping trip. I’d like to think there was a good reason for it…

…Of course! I needed to exercise these biceps! Look at them guns…*flex flex*

Anyway, I worked out all the way to my aunt’s ward that by the time I reached it I was tired, sleepy and ready for bed. However, as usual, hospital wards resemble the Arctic, like they were actively trying to reinvent themselves as an Ice Wonderland. It made me regret not packing my winter coat. Mama and me camped out on a small strip of mat and tried to keep warm, but to no avail. (A/n: I know it’s ‘and I’, grouchy grammarians)

After a while, my aunt came to my rescue, because she scooted over and let me sleep with her on the bed, which was far warmer than the floor. Although really, she only did that because she wanted me to massage her back whenever she had a contraction. They were coming in quick and strong. It was 4am by this time, and the last time a nurse checked her dilation, it was 1230am. It was 2cm at the time—the same as it has been since 11am the previous day; the same, even though she had been given a shot to induce the labour. The nurse had given her a shot to ‘relax’ her after that—apparently so she could sleep. Obviously it didn’t work. It was 4am and her contractions were less than a minute apart. Like anyone could sleep through that.

My aunt became more restless. I soon became masseuse-cum-hot pack warmer. I think I was good at both. After a while, we called the nurse in—my mum was under the impression that such frequent contractions meant something. I wouldn’t know. I was expecting lots of screaming as a marker that delivery was on the way, and my aunt was definitely not doing that. When the nurse checked her dilation again (a procedure which got my aunt’s legs shaking), it was already 5cm. 2cm past the point where they can administer an epidural. 2cm more than my aunt bargained for. 2cm closer to panic.

My aunt tried to negotiate for the epidural, but the nurse laughed (kindly) and told her that by the time the anaesthetist arrived, she would have already given birth. She was wheeled into the labour room. 10-20 minutes later, she was already fully dilated and pushing. I was in there for a while, but as soon as her hubby showed up I was unceremoniously kicked out. Another one of those charming ‘hospital policy/procedure’. I opted to eavesdrop instead.

There were the sounds of the two nurses cheering her: ‘Push, push, very good, Lin…now a little more!’; there was the sound of the clanking of the bed rails; sometimes the approving grunts of the doctor. The only sound missing was my aunt screaming in agony. She didn’t even give a little groan, or so much as a whimper! Aiyo, no drama at all lah.

And then the doctor said, ‘Take the baby’. The baby screamed. My mother cried. The baby was born, alive and kicking and announcing it’s presence to the world.

Welcome baby Julia! We’ll hang out soon, my littlest cousin.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Ex-Box

Interestingly, the only awkward breakup I ever had is with someone I never dated in the first place!

Now he wants to do the whole 'breakup box' thing. *sigh*

Also, we currently communicate with each other using backhanded insults and not-too-subtle sarcastic comments. A far cry from the days when he was the sweetest person ever and brought me lamb shank at midnight. Of course, at the time, he was trying to get into my pants. Or wanted a serious relationship with me, though what am I to make of his comments about wanting to impregnate me to have kids with me? He also kept telling me that he wanted to marry me. Are flings allowed to say that?

I think there needs to be a Rulebook for Flings. Iron-clad regulations that ensure flings don't transition into more serious territories-- like an actual relationship.

Mood: Resigned

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Because Yesterday was Valentine's...

Here's my present to you! I give you...

The calf aptly named 'Heart'

Isn't it cute? How precious is it to have a calf marked with a heart? Actually, I feel a deep connection to anything with heart-shaped birthmarks, only because I have one on my calf. Wait, I just realised-- a calf called Heart, a heart on my calf. This is getting strange...

Anyway, just because baby animals (or really, baby anything) inspire 'awww', I will give you more! (Did that rhyme?) Here are some of my favourites:

What long legs you have Mooseys! (am jealous)

I'll take the flowers! And the red panda too!

Where did you get them ickle boots Piggy? You must tell me the name of the store!

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's!